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Hi, I am Yolanda Cerón, the President of galapagoscruise.com.ec, your one stop booking centre for travel to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador. We have been organizing travel to the enchanted archipelago since the eary 1990´s. 

I was born in Ecuador - South America, my parents are travelers and explorers and they taught me to love my country and to get to know it well. We have just recently become part of the Voyagers Travel Group a select collection of inbound tour operators in several countries around the globe who have joined to form a central reservations office for worldwide booking direct to the public.

I am fascinated with the possibility of sharing the heritage of my country with visitors from all over the world. Our main Ecuador office is in Quito, we have branch offices in Cuenca, Guayaquil and of course the Galapagos Islands. Our goal is to make your visit to our country the most fascinating travel experience you have ever had, we will help YOU organize the Galapagos vacation & Ecuador tour you have dreamed with.

We are members of the Voyagers travel group dba Voyagers. Our professional team of trip consultants has travelled extensively in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

We have a passion for organizing tours to the Galapagos islands, the Galapagos islands are our favourite playground. By organizing travel to the Enchanted Isles we can be in close contact with nature and help preserve it through responsible planning of tours.

Galapagos tours are just as fun planning as taking them, we are in constant contact with local operators of tours and cruise boats, they are our friends and it is fun to work with them. It is also fun and rewarding to work with YOU the person that takes the tours, we will help you select the right Galapagos tours at a fair price.

Yolanda Cerón
  Galapagos Islands Tours & Cruises